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Build your first phone app Master the Windows Phone 8 interface How to sell on the Windows Phone Store Use features like voice recognition and media Windows Phone 8 in Action is a comprehensive guide to developing apps for the WP8 platform. It covers the Windows Phone Runtime and. You will learn to write code to dial the phone, write emails, send text messages, and recognize speech. The book also teaches you to build applications that use location and push notification. With 10 million and climbing active handsets, Windows Phone 8 has become a real alternative to Android and iOS.


WP users are hungry for great apps, so it's time for you to start creating them! Windows Phone 8 in Action teaches you how to design, build, and sell WP8 apps.

Everything You Need To Know About Windows Phone Security

In it, you'll learn to use the WP Runtime and. This example-driven book also shows you how to write applications that use location and push notification, enhanced navigation services, and WP8's deep multimedia capabilities. You'll need a working knowledge of C. Windows Phone 8 represents a major shift in Microsoft's mobile operating system strategy and in the way mobile applications are conceived, developed, and sold. Readers will learn to write code to dial the phone, write emails, send text messages and recognize speech. XAML allows great visual effects to be combined with the simplicity of the C language.

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XAML for Windows Phone has been enriched with navigation services and a new execution model to better satisfy mobile requirements. Wie bewerten Sie den Artikel?

Windows Phone 8.1 Tip: Manage Notifications

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    Link zu dieser Seite kopieren. Free apps are good for building your portfolio but do little to put money in your pocket and pay the bills. The time and effort you put in to writing your apps is valuable. Although it may not make your rich, it can help with some extra money.

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    The strategy you choose will determine the potential payoff. There are three major strategies for monetizing Windows Phone apps:.

    Each has its level of effectiveness, with ads on the low end, paid and trial apps in the middle, and in-app purchases at the high end. The level of effort required to implement each strategy follows the same order. The greater the effort you put into your monetization strategy, the bigger the payoff may be. Chapter