When Day Breaks

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Historical Fiction.

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The film speaks about the persecution of Jews and Gypsies in Belgrade but through a personal story that takes place today. He now sets out to discover his identity, which was hidden from him during his whole life.

In his effort to pay honour to his ancestors Misha has to deal with both the ignorance and the respect and appreciation of the people around him. The film portrays, at times perhaps a little too tear-jerking, the frustration and emotional breakdown of the character, who, after trying to find out the story of his family, ends up chasing ghosts of the past. First, given the current strong presence and influence of Nationalism in Serbia, this film about the Second World War focusing on the Jews today will surely stir up some controversies.

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In that, it has a specifically political importance for Serbia. What have those crimes left people dealing with after they ended? What changes have they brought to society?

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Is injustice, ignorance and cruelty really over when the war is over? This is the historical importance of the film. Take a look at Barbara , for example, that tells the story of a brave doctor in a small hospital in eastern Germany, close to the Baltic sea, who offers medical help to a young sick pregnant girl and then helps her to escape to Denmark.

When Day Breaks

One morning he receives a letter requesting him to contact the Jewish Museum in Belgrade. At the museum, he learns that during an excavation on the sewers at the city's old fairgrounds-previously the site of an infamous concentration camp where some 48, Serbian Jews and Gypsies perished during the Second World War-an iron box was found. The contents of the box will change the professor's life. The box contains personal documents pertaining to the professor's identity and an unfinished musical score called "When Day Breaks. Eventually, the professor discovers that when he was an infant, his real parents, the Weisses, entrusted him to their friends, the Brankovs, just before they were taken into the camp.

SCP-001 (When Day Breaks) illustrated Part 1 ft. Creepworks and Lumi. CODE NAME: S. D. LOCKE