Landscaping with Annuals (Storeys Country Wisdom Bulletin A-108)

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Aerial view of construction progress at the new Water Conservation Garden looking south. Construction progress at the Lower Entry Trellis highlights the Heber Red wall stone, steel trellis without finished paint, and the first section of colored walkway. Phase one of construction will include installing utility infrastructure and realigning the access drive along Red Butte Canyon road; phase one is on schedule to begin by the middle of June. Phase two of construction will include erection of the horticulture building, and is on schedule to begin by the middle of August.

Completion for both phases of construction is anticipated by the end of August Elaine began working at the Garden as a Classroom Assistant for School Programs, teaching field classes and summer camps. He worked in wholesale nursery production at Bailey Nurseries in Oregon, managed a tropical landscape nursery in Guam, and did ecological fieldwork for the Ecology of Bird Loss Project in the Mariana Islands in the North Pacific.

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Most recently Eric managed a hydroponic vegetable operation in Alaska and performed research in an environmentally controlled greenhouse at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Eric enjoys just about any kind of outdoor activity and is hoping to explore some of the beautiful spots around Utah.

Landscaping with Annuals

In he walked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail and regularly enjoys small excursions closer to home. She credits her grandma, Mary, with cultivating within her a deep connection to plants and nature. In her spare time Francine enjoys reading, studying plants, cooking, traveling, visiting gardens, snowboarding, hiking, and exploring the wilderness. With over 15 years of development experience, her career began at KUED where she secured funding from corporations and private foundations for local productions and national PBS programming.

Angela has twin year-old daughters and enjoys spending her free time restoring vintage treasures, camping, hiking, and attending outdoor concerts. Garden Adventures are Saturday morning classes for children ages 4 - Each class focuses on a different topic and seeks to help children connect with plants while encouraging them to explore the wonders of the natural world.

Classes are designed for caregivers to attend and participate with their child. Limit one caregiver per student. No infants please. For more information and to register, visit: www. From sage and basil to tomatoes and peppers, you can put almost any edible plant on a pizza! Learn more about this tasty Italian dish and the plants that help make it oh-so delicious. Then, create your own scrumptious mini-pizza using a variety of flavorful plants. Explore the amazing things pollinators do and learn why these little critters are a vital part of the environment. Then create a pollinator habitat to take home with you.

Tour the animal-shaped topiaries on display and learn more about fables and the life lessons they teach us. Then plant your own fable-themed mini terrarium to take home.

Landscape Design Ideas

Explore the Garden from top to bottom and hunt for clues hidden along the pathways. What secrets of the natural world will you uncover before you reach your final destination and the treasure that awaits you? Join us as we explore the science of making this frozen treat and investigate the plants that help make it oh-so tasty. Gates open at PM; programming begins at 7PM.

All ages event. Registration not required for children under the age of 3. Explore the diversity in our own community! Bring a picnic and blanket to enjoy a performance at either or PM and share in a Garden-related craft or activity to wrap up the evening. Specializing in Latin jazz and salsa music, Rumba Libre Band will share their energy, charisma, and unique sound to get you on your feet while teaching about Afro-Cuban rhythms and the history of salsa music and culture.

Come ready to dance! Experience the art of traditional Japanese drumming! Founded by Laura Olson and Denise Nakashima, Kenshin Taiko is a Salt Lake City based group of musicians dedicated to sharing their love of taiko drumming and Japanese culture in our community. Students perform to re-learn traditional tribal dances and songs and to increase cultural awareness of the indigenous people of Utah.

In case of inclement weather, events will be held in the Orangerie. Once a week, on Wednesdays, discover the Garden in a class perfectly suited for your tiny tot. Learn about shapes, colors, letters, and more all while reading stories, creating fun crafts, and going on pint-sized Garden explorations.

Best of all, this program is designed for preschoolers AND caregivers to take together, so you can join in the fun, too! One, two, three, how many plants do you see? Count on a fun time as we hunt for numbers hidden in the trees, flowers, and shrubs of the Garden. Be there, or be square! Tall, short, rough, smooth, hard, soft—the natural world is filled with differences! Discover the world of opposites using the plants and animals of the Garden. A meadow is also a habitat where wildlife interacts with plants as part of the ecosystem. Dragonflies appear to float effortlessly in search of prey, native bees pollinate flowers and get rewarded with pollen or nectar.

Creating a meadow-like, low-water landscape has caught the interest of homeowners and landscapers alike. So much so that this year, the Utah Nursery and Landscape Association conference lead by keynote speaker, Lauren Springer Ogden, highlighted meadows and habitats. In an interesting discussion, Steve Love of University of Idaho Extension, talked about the processes of creating garden meadows— similar to what has been done to create Red Butte This year begins the sixth growing season since active meadow development began in The first three years were spent eradicating aggressive weeds, but by the end of the fourth year we began to feel a sense of accomplishment.

The Meadow has evolved into a diverse assemblage of native species, some of which germinated from the resting seed bank already in the soil. At last inventory, there were over two-dozen grass varieties in the Meadow, only six of which were planted by Garden staff and volunteers.

Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins

The Wildflower Meadow displays plants adapted for low-water use. She also advocates for the use of moisture meters, designed to measure groundwater and help indicate how much water is necessary, and rain gauges, which measure the amount of rainfall in your garden.

Zoe Margetts of Waco, Texas—based landscapers The Grounds Guys adds that tensiometers—devices that keep your sprinklers from coming on unless soil is truly parched—are also handy. Your lawn is likely the biggest water guzzler on your property. Consider turning parts of it into flowerbeds or mulched islands.

Kourik says to start by putting down a thick application of chicken, cow, or horse manure, or else a sprinkling of blood meal, an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Something went wrong. Please email webmaster sierraclub. By signing up, you are opting in to receive periodic communications from the Sierra Club.

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  8. Katie O'Reilly is Sierra 's adventure and lifestyle editor. Follow her on Twitter katieowrites. The Art of the Dry Garden. The Ruth Bancroft Garden. Photo courtesy of Timber Press. By Katie O'Reilly Sep 28 Photo courtesy of Robert Kourik 3 Seek plants that naturally store moisture. Photo by iStock 7 Grass-cycle. Photo courtesy of iStock 9 Collect fall rainwater.

    Photo by iStock 13 Know the real dirt. Like what you read? Sign up for daily updates from Sierra magazine. Sign up is Processing. Thanks for signing up for the Green Life email newsletter. More stories about: drought , gardening. See more stories by this author. Related Stories. Since , Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily.

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