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Handel: Aylesford Pieces. Haydn Piano sonatas. Haydn's String Quartets Opus Johann Kuhnau: Uns ist ein Kind geboren. Messiah, HWV Pachelbel's Organ Works. Romanian Folk Dances. Schubert's Piano Works. Schumann's Piano Works. Sor - Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus 1. Sor - Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus 2. Tchaikovsky's Orchestra Works - I. The Gimo Music Collection. The Lancer's Quadrilles.

3. Valzer e duetto

The Virtuoso Pianist. Similar items. Email not valid. JavaScript is required. MP3 added the by FS. Add comment. Add you MP3 interpretation on this page! Beethoven, Ludwig van - Sonate pour Piano No. Login: or Your pseudo: Your password:. BWV - Tue Rechnung! Donnerwort Cantatas, BWV Recitativo: "Ich lege mich in diese Wunden" 8.

Erschallet, Trompeten! Collection of 10 chorales Christmas Oratorio Complete score of second part Passionsmusik nach dem Evangelisten Johannes Collection of 12 Chorales Passionsmusik nach dem Evangelisten Johannes Complete score of the appendix Passionsmusik nach dem Evangelisten Johannes Complete score The Art of the Fugue Thematic Catalogue of secular cantatas BWV , a, , , , a, a, a, 36b,c, , 30a, b Thematic Catalogue of Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe Thematic Catalogue of major vocal works BWV , , , Vocal Score Sbornik russkikh narodnykh piesen Complete score of all pieces Barnby, Joseph Have mercy upon me Complete Score A Milking Sian Complete Score Roundel Complete Score Shieling Song Complete Score The Enchanted Fiddle Complete Score The White Peace Complete Score To Eire Complete score Adelaide, Op.

Complete score An die ferne Geliebte Transcription for piano solo - complete Fidelio Op. Full Score Fidelio Op. Parts Fidelio Op. Violin I Part Fidelio Op. Complete Score Bellini, Vincenzo Norma Overture Sinfonia - transcription for Piano 4-hands Norma Overture - transcription for piano solo Norma Transcription for piano 4 hands, complete score Norma Overture full score Benvenuto Cellini Complete score La Damnation de Faust, Op. Complete score Les Troyens, Op.

Piano score; highest note is melody Bird, Peter A little flock from Iceland Entr'Acte Carmen Habanera - Medium Voice with Piano Carmen Composer's piano reduction Carmen Piano reduction Carmen Complete score French and English texts Carmen Fantaisie for piano 4 hands Carmen Habanera, transcription for piano Carmen Potpourri for Piano on Themes from "Carmen" Carmen Overture, transcription for piano 4-hands - complete score Blumenthal, Jacques My Queen Overture - transcription for piano solo La Dame blanche Transcription for piano solo - complete La Dame blanche Overture - Transcription for Piano 4-hands La Dame blanche Overture - transcription for piano solo Le Calife de Bagdad Full score minature format Prince Igor - Knyaz Igor Overture reconstruction Prince Igor - Knyaz Igor Piano transcription - complete score Prince Igor - Knyaz Igor Prologue - complete Prince Igor - Knyaz Igor Complete score Brahms, Johannes 11 Choral Preludes Complete Score 15 Romances, Op.

Complete Score 3 Secular songs for choir, Op. Complete Score 3 Vocal Quartets, Op. Complete Score 4 Ballads and Romances, Op. Complete Score 4 Songs for female voices, two horns and harp, Op. Complete Score 4 Vocal Quartets, Op. Complete Score 5 Poems, Op. Scheiden und Meiden 5 Poems, Op.

Der Schmied 5 Poems, Op. In der Ferne 5 Poems, Op. Complete Score 9 Songs, Op. Complete Score Alto Rhapsody, Op. Complete Score Geistliches Lied, Op. Complete Score Gesang der Parzen, Op. Complete Score Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. Transcription for piano solo Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. Complete Score Lieder, Op. Trennung for high voice Lieder, Op.

Sehnsucht for high voice Lieder, Op. Vom verwundeten Knaben for high voice Lieder, Op. Murrays Ermordung for high voice Lieder, Op. Vor dem Fenster for high voice Lieder, Op. Gang zur Liebsten for high voice Lieder, Op. Ein Sonnett for high voice Lieder, Op. Complete score Lieder, Op.

Wie rafft ich mich auf in der Nacht Lieder, Op. Nicht mehr zu dir zu gehen Lieder, Op. Bitteres zu sagen denkst du Lieder, Op. So stehn wir, ich und meine Weide Lieder, Op.

Ich schleich umher Lieder, Op. Wehe, so willst du mich wieder Lieder, Op. Der Strom, der neben mir verrauschte Lieder, Op. Die Mainacht Lieder, Op. Von ewiger Liebe Lieder, Op. Ich schell mein Horn ins Jammertal Lieder, Op. An die Nachtigall Lieder, Op. Die Schale der Vergessenheit Lieder, Op. Magyarisch Lieder, Op. Liebesglut Lieder, Op. Die Liebende schreibt Lieder, Op. Botschaft Lieder, Op.

Let Her Go Passenger

Sonntag Lieder, Op. Der Gang zum Liebchen Lieder, Op. Wiegenlied a. Sehnsucht Lieder, Op. An ein Veilchen Lieder, Op. Strahlt zuweilen auch ein mildes Licht Lieder, Op. Ach, wende diesen Blick Lieder, Op. Unbewegte laue Luft Lieder, Op. Complete Score Marienlieder, Op. Complete Score Mondnacht, WoO Complete score Neue Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. Complete Score Rinaldo, Op. Complete Score Schicksalslied, Op. Sinfonia for 2 Violins, Viola and B.

Complete score 3 Duets, Op. Complete score 3 Lieder, Op. Overture - arranged for Piano 4-hands Der Landfriede, Op.

Potpourri No. Fackeltanz - Piano 4-hands Gringoire, Op. Full Score It's the Joy of Christmas Bach, KiV B Complete score 4 Poesie liriche. Primavera, estate, autunno, inverno. Poste in musica. Full Score Elegien Versets of 2, 3 and 4 voices, Fabordones, Intermedios Keyboard Works Tientos, Compositions of 5 and 6 voices. Caccini, Giulio Ave Maria Complete score for high voice, excluding blank pages Campion, Thomas Author of Light PDF from abc notation Come cheerful day PDF from abc notation Wise men patience never want Alternate Vocal Score Ballade des gros dindons Complete Vocal Score Chanson pour Jeanne Complete Score Gwendoline Overture Orchestral Score Gwendoline Complete Score with Bassoon part La sulamite Complete score French Les Cigales Complete Score Lied: Nez au vent Complete Score Pastorale des cochons roses Complete Score Sommation irrespectueuse Complete Score Tes yeux bleus Complete Vocal Score Villanelle des petits canards Faith, F.

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March of the Pasha's Guard, piano transcription Tabasco Complete score Tabasco Tu me dirais Complete score Plaisirs de Versailles Complete Score Eliza Sgambati 17 Polish Songs, Op. Complete score Pirame et Tisbe Complete score Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel Eulalie Complete score The Song of Hiawatha, Op. Title pages Russian and French 6 Romances, Op.

Title page of edition 6 Romances, Op. Krylov 6 Romances, Op. Hier le vent du soir Hugo Bolero, Op. Version for voice and piano Russian text only Bolero, Op. Full orchestral score, for high voice Christ's Resurrection Title page Cztery sonety Cisza morska Cztery sonety Wechselgesang Fr. Heine Le Flibustier Scene 4 Le Flibustier Scene 5 Le Flibustier Front cover of piano-vocal score Le Flibustier Scene 3 Le Flibustier Scene 1 Le Flibustier Entr'acte Le Flibustier Front cover of p-v score color scan Le Flibustier Scene 9 concluding with the Dances Le Flibustier Scene 6 Le Flibustier Dedication, title page, and preliminaries Le Flibustier Scene 2 Le Flibustier Scene 8 Le Flibustier Scene 7 Le Flibustier Prelude Le Flibustier Scene 3 Les Adieux de Guyot-Dessaigne Complete score Les trois oiseaux Act II, Tableau 1, Scene 4.

Ratcliff's Narrative William Ratcliff Act III, Scene 1a. Mary's [2nd] Romance William Ratcliff Introduction William Ratcliff Act II, Tableau 1, Scene 2. Scene with the Drunk William Ratcliff Wedding Chorus and Blessing William Ratcliff Act III, Scene 1b. Margaret's Narrative William Ratcliff Act 1, Tableau 1, Scene 2. MacGregor's Narrative William Ratcliff Act II, Tableau 1, Scene 3. Lesley's Song William Ratcliff Title page and preliminaries William Ratcliff Act III, Scene 2. Act I, Tableau 1, Scene 1b. Act II, Tableau 1, Scene 1. Es blasen die blauen Husaren H.

Complete song Soviet ed. Overture, arr. Title page of French-language ed. Le rossignol French ed. Le mois de mai French ed. L'onde est endormie French ed. Piano Transcription - complete score Rusalka Act IV Rusalka Title, Contents Rusalka Act III Rusalka Overture Rusalka Act I Rusalka Piano arrangement - 3 excerpts 1. Pantomima 11 in Ballet 2. Danza del Terror 5 in Ballet 3. Complete Score 2 Romances Complete score of all parts 3 Chansons de Bilitis Complete Score Beau Soir Complete Score orig. Complete Score L'Enfant Prodigue Vocal Score L'Enfant Prodigue Orchestral Score La belle au bois dormant Complete Score Le Promenoir des deux Amants Complete Score Mandoline Complete Score Paysage sentimental Complete Score Trois chansons de France Complete score Voici que le printemps Maurice Bages Les Chauves-Souris Complete score Les Chauves-Souris Epilude Les Chauves-Souris Marcel Proust Les Chauves-Souris Complete score Lakme Overture - Transcription for Piano 4-hands Lucrezia Borgia Piano reduction, Vocal score The Bride of Lammermoor Complete score Dukas, Paul Alla Gitana Cello and Piano score and part Ariane and Bluebeard Complete Vocal Score Ariane and Bluebeard Gypsy Song, Op.

Scene Stubborn Lovers Scene 1 Stubborn Lovers Scene 16 Stubborn Lovers Ouverture Stubborn Lovers Scene Te Deum, Op. Vocal score Eberwein, Carl Mantellied Piano score Edgerton, Michael Edward Anaphora Complete score The Music Makers Piano score; highest note is melody Doktor Eisenbarth Piano score; highest note is melody Gloria, Viktoria! Piano score; highest note is melody Im schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon Piano score; highest note is melody Zwei Sternderl am Himmel Score The Skeleton in Armour, Op. Choral Three Chorals for Organ Transcriptions of all three Chorales Three Chorals for Organ Choral No.

Paraphrase on J. Complete score 5 Gedichte aus 'Bilder des Orients', Op. Bridal Waltzes, transcription for two guitars Et Folkesagn Complete score, piano transcription Et Folkesagn Extracts, piano transcription Tre Digte af H. Andersen for en Syngestemme med Pianoforte Score for piano and voice Zion, Op. Complet volume Gersbach, Joseph Ein getreues Herze wissen Full Score pp. Complete score A Life for the Tsar Act V A Life for the Tsar Act I A Life for the Tsar Complete Songs Romances - Vol. Overture - full score Ruslan and Lyudmila Maiden's Chorus, transcribed for piano Tarantella on a Russian Folksong Full manuscript score Armide Full score Orfeo ed Euridice Ouverture, transcription for piano 4 hands Orfeo ed Euridice Berceuse: Oh!

Transcription for piano with Violin ad lib. Godowsky, Leopold 2 Songs Complete score Ave Maria Transcription for string quartet Chants Sacres Pot pourri for piano 4 hands Faust Complete score French Faust Complete score French Messe No. Organ part, manuscript, with blank staves for voices, signed by Gounod on cover and initialed by him on several pages. Complete score Polyeucte Complete score French Reine de Saba, La Complete score Goyescas Opera Intermezzo - Transcription for Piano solo Tonadillas El Mirar de la Maja Tonadillas Parts for 2 cellos Grego, Alessandro Damnatus memoriae John Chrysostom No.

Act 3. Full score. Richard Coeur de Lion Act 2. Act 1. Complete score of all pieces 4 Songs Op. Song No. Score of version for low voice Hjertets Melodier Op. C Eng. Text Hjertets Melodier Op. Eb Land-Sighting Op. Complete score eng. Song and piano 1version Olav Trygvason Prayer and Temple Dance, Arr. Grande valse brillante sur le Juif errant. Complete Score Cantate con strumenti, Libro Primo Complete Score Cantate con strumenti, Libro Secondo Complete Score Giulio Cesare in Egitto Full score - complete Giustino, HWV Bass : Hence!

Boast Not, Ye Profane Air Sop. Part I: L'Allegro Part II: Il Penseroso Complete Score Messiah Complete Score Supplement Full score Teseo, HWV Complete Autograph La Didone abbandonata Complete score Haydn, Joseph Deutschlandlied Selection, piano transcription Eileen The Hearts of Erin Waltzes, piano transcription The Serenade Waltzes, piano transcription The Singing Girl March, piano transcription The Wizard of the Nile Waltzes, piano transcription When Sweet Sixteen Overture Full Score Zampa Transcription for Band - Various Parts Zampa Overture - Full Score Zampa Transcription for piano solo Zampa Transcription for Piano 4-hands Zampa Transcription for Band - Condensed Score Zampa Complete Score Fugue et choral Complete Score Hume, Tobias Tobacco Ouverture, transcription for piano 4-hands Jean de Finlandie op.

Complete Vocal Score with addendum see Misc. Comments Cantate Domino, Op. Orchestral Score Fervaal, Op. Overture to Act I orchestral score Fervaal, Op. Complete Vocal Score Fervaal, Op. Act II Le chant de la cloche, Op. Complete Vocal Score Lied maritime, Op.

All 4 scenes complete Birthday Serenades - Instrumental Kanon zum Ja Yea , complete score for choral speaking Birthday Serenades - Vocal Complete score Cantatum MeMor t is Complete score Dank Complete Score Jereb, Gasper Christmas cantata Complete sketch Valse Caprice". Maryam, etc ". Sketches for Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra". Sketch for Quartet No. Lawrence songs and various discarded sketches". Partita - chamber ensemble - final draft. Piano Concerto No. Notebook - sketches. Complete 2 notebooks.

Piano Octet. Piano Quintet. Quartet No. Quartetto No 5. Quartetto No 6. Quartetto No 7. Quartetto No 8. Quartetto No 9. Quartetto No Quartetto per Pianoforte, Violino, Viola e Violoncello. Romanza Lidica - clarinet and pianoforte score. Rondo - piano duet. Rondo Variato - violin and piano - final draft.

Scenes Seen - piano score ballet. Second Avenue Waltzes - final draft. Sestetto Novello. Sestetto Pro Gemini. Sestetto Tripartito - piano sextet. Sinfonia Breve Symphony No. Sinfonia No. Sinfonia Tripartita - sketches. Six Violin Sketches - violin and piano. Sketches - Untitled.

Sonata a Cinque - sketches. Sonata a Dieci - chamber orchestra with pianoforte. Sonata a Sei. Sonata Concertante. Spiccata per Flauto, Quartetto d'archi e pianoforte. String Quartet No.

Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.3, Movement I, (Volodos -- Ossia Cadenza)

A Sylvan Dream - piano score. Toccata for piano. Tre Contrasti Sinfonici - orchestra with piano. Tre Improvvisi - chamber orchestra and piano. Tre Preludi da Camera - chamber orchestra and piano.

Scores + Compositions + Recordings - Giorgio Magnanensi | Giorgio Magnanensi

Trio per Violino, Violoncello e Pianoforte. Triple Concerto - 2nd and 3rd movement sketches. Triptych for two Harpsichords or Pianos. Twenty Finger Waltz - piano 4 hands. The Unicorn - sketch. Variazioni Enarmoniche - piano duet. Verdiana [ballet] - chamber orchestra and pianoforte. Viaggio d'Europa.