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What he gives us to think here is really remarkable. The readers of his book on Heidegger will be inspired. The most controversial philosopher of the twentieth century, Martin Heidegger has influenced generations of intellectuals even as his involvement with Nazism and blatant anti-Semitism, made even clearer after the publication of his Black Notebooks , have recently prompted some to discard his contributions entirely.

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Often indefensible, always indispensable: Heidegger, for all his errors, continues to provoke us as modernity draws nearer to a reckoning. Michael Marder's book is particularly thought-provoking. Highly recommended for all who continue to wrestle with the dual legacy of Heidegger's thought and his "great mistakes," without minimizing either.

Martin Heidegger (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Marder's book is highly recommended for all who continue to wrestle with the dual legacy of Heidegger's thought and his "great mistakes," without minimizing either. Phenomenology 1.

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    Devastation 6. Philosophy without Right? Review from the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Martin Heidegger was the most controversial philosopher of the twentieth century.

    Heidegger's Political Thinking

    A polarizing figure, he had, beyond a shadow of doubt, influenced generations of intellectuals who have since become canonical in their own right, from Hannah Arendt to Jacques Derrida. Visit us. Let well-wrought words churn and burn within.

    The Question Concerning Technology (& Social Media) - Heidegger

    Skip to main content. Search form. Heidegger: Phenomenology, Ecology, Politics Paperback. By Michael Marder. Praise For… "For many years, Michael Marder has been one of the most interesting philosophical interpreters of Heidegger.

    Phenomenology, Ecology, Politics