Developmental Biology of Peripheral Lymphoid Organs

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Alitalo K, Carmeliet P. Molecular mechanisms of lymphangiogenesis in health and disease. Cancer Cell. Skobe M, Detmar M. Structure, function, and molecular control of the skin lymphatic system. Dermatology Symp. Wiig H, Swartz MA. Tissue Eng. Part B Rev. A tissue-engineered model of the intestinal lacteal for evaluating lipid transport by lymphatics.

Xing L, Ji RC. Lymphangiogenesis, myeloid cells and inflammation. Expert Rev. Aukland K, Reed RK. Interstitial-lymphatic mechanisms in the control of extracellular fluid volume. Lymphatic and interstitial flow in the tumour microenvironment: linking mechanobiology with immunity. Fluid pressures in the rabbit popliteal afferent lymphatics during passive tissue motion. Schmid-Schonbein G. Microlymphatics and Lymph Flow.

Transport in lymphatic capillaries. Macroscopic measurements using residence time distribution theory. Contribution of lymphatic myogenic activity and respiratory movements to pleural lymph flow. Swartz MA. The physiology of the lymphatic system. Drug Deliv. Kiefer F, Schulte-Merker S. Developmental Aspects of the Lymphatic Vascular System; Lymphatic vascular morphogenesis in development, physiology, and disease. Cell Biol. Specific adhesion molecules bind anchoring filaments and endothelial cells in human skin initial lymphatics. Evidence for a second valve system in lymphatics: endothelial microvalves.

Schmid-Schonbein GW. The second valve system in lymphatics. Type VII collagen forms an extended network of anchoring fibrils. Type VII collagen is a major structural component of anchoring fibrils. Baluk P, et al. Functionally specialized junctions between endothelial cells of lymphatic vessels. Discontinuous expression of endothelial cell adhesion molecules along initial lymphatic vessels in mesentery: the primary valve structure.

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Huethorst E, et al. Liao S, Padera TP. Dixon JB. Lymphatic lipid transport: sewer or subway? Trends Endocrinol. Growth factors and cytokines in wound healing. Wound Repair Regen. Vranova M, Halin C. Lymphatic vessels in inflammation. Cell Immunol. Henri O, et al. Wang Y, Oliver G. Current views on the function of the lymphatic vasculature in health and disease. Genes Dev. Mortimer P, Rockson SG. New developments in clinical aspects of lymphatic disease. Carlson J. Lymphedema and subclinical lymphostasis microlymphedema facilitate cutaneous infection, inflammatory dermatoses, and neoplasia: A locus minoris resistentiae.

Ridner SH. The psycho-social impact of lymphedema. Estimating the population burden of lymphedema. Henno A, et al. Altered expression of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis markers in the uninvolved skin of plaque-type psoriasis. Kunstfeld R, et al. Induction of cutaneous delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions in VEGF-A transgenic mice results in chronic skin inflammation associated with persistent lymphatic hyperplasia.

Virchows Arch. Moffatt CJ, et al. Lymphedema: an underestimated health problem. Microlymphatic surgery for the treatment of iatrogenic lymphedema. Rohringer IN. Vascularization for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine; Deldar R, et al. An alternative approach to combined autologous breast reconstruction with vascularized lymph node transfer. Mechanisms of Lymphatic Regeneration after Tissue Transfer. PLoS One. Preventative measures for lymphedema: Separating fact from fiction.

Campisi C, Boccardo F. Microsurgical techniques for lymphedema treatment: derivative lymphatic-venous microsurgery. World J. Mumprecht V, Detmar M. Lymphangiogenesis and cancer metastasis. Hirakawa S. VEGF-C induced lymphangiogenesis in sentinel lymph nodes promotes tumor metastasis to distant sites. Klotz L, et al. Cardiac lymphatics are heterogeneous in origin and respond to injury. Lymphatic System in Cardiovascular Medicine. Hanjaya-Putra D, et al.

Stem Cells Transl. Sun G, et al. Dextran hydrogel scaffolds enhance angiogenic responses and promote complete skin regeneration during burn wound healing. VEGF-A produced by chronically inflamed tissue induces lymphangiogenesis in draining lymph nodes.

Developmental Biology of Peripheral Lymphoid Organs - PDF Free Download

Huggenberger R. An important role of lymphatic vessel activation in limiting acute inflammation. Yin N. Targeting lymphangiogenesis after islet transplantation prolongs islet allograft survival. Beerens M, et al. Blum KS, et al. Chronic high-fat diet impairs collecting lymphatic vessel function in mice.

Sawane M, et al. Apelin inhibits diet-induced obesity by enhancing lymphatic and blood vessel integrity. Evans R, Scilly C. Massive localized lymphedema: a case series and literature review. Vasileiou A-M, et al. Oedema in obesity: role of structural lymphatic abnormalities. Molecular basis for endothelial lumen formation and tubulogenesis during vasculogenesis and angiogenic sprouting. Cell Mol. Cleaver O, Melton DA. Endothelial signaling during development.

Yao X, et al. Vascular endothelial growth factor and substrate mechanics regulate in vitro tubulogenesis of endothelial progenitor cells. Hematopoietic induction and respecification of A-P identity by visceral endoderm signaling in the mouse embryo. Vokes S. Endoderm is required for vascular endothelial tube formation, but not for angioblast specification. Bower NI, et al. Mural lymphatic endothelial cells regulate meningeal angiogenesis in the zebrafish. Blood and lymphatic vessel formation. Cold Spring Harb. Suzuki-Inoue K, Shirai T.

Platelets in Thrombotic and Non-Thrombotic Disorders, vol. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing; Uhrin P, et al. Novel function for blood platelets and podoplanin in developmental separation of blood and lymphatic circulation. Regulation of Endothelial Cell Differentiation and Specification. The early development of the lymphatic system in mouse embryos.

Scand: Acta Morphol. Neerl; Fu J, et al. Schacht V, et al. EMBO J. Lymphangiogenesis in development and human disease. Adams RH, Alitalo K. Molecular regulation of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. Pan Y, et al. Podoplanin requires sialylated O-glycans for stable expression on lymphatic endothelial cells and for interaction with platelets. Hess PR, et al. Platelets mediate lymphovenous hemostasis to maintain blood-lymphatic separation throughout life.

Up-regulation of the lymphatic marker podoplanin, a mucin-type transmembrane glycoprotein, in human squamous cell carcinomas and germ cell tumors. Osada M, et al. Wigle JT, Oliver G. Prox1 function is required for the development of the murine lymphatic system. Rishi AK, et al. Developmental Biology. Oliver G. Lymphatic vasculature development.

Lymphovenous hemostasis and the role of platelets in regulating lymphatic flow and lymphatic vessel maturation. Rosen SD. Homing and cellular traffic in lymph nodes. Stacker SA, et al. VEGF-D promotes the metastatic spread of tumor cells via the lymphatics. Mandriota SJ, et al. Vascular endothelial growth factor-C-mediated lymphangiogenesis promotes tumour metastasis.

Understanding vascular development. Wiley Interdiscip.

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Clevers H. The intestinal crypt, a prototype stem cell compartment. Huang FP, et al. A discrete subpopulation of dendritic cells transports apoptotic intestinal epithelial cells to T cell areas of mesenteric lymph nodes. Fogt F, et al. Proliferation of Dexpressing intestinal lymphatic vessels in the lamina propria in inflammatory bowel disease. Lymph node-derived lymphatic endothelial cells express functional costimulatory molecules and impair dendritic cell-induced allogenic T-cell proliferation. Aspelund A, et al. Park D-Y, et al.

PLoS Biol. Primary open-angle glaucoma. Kagemann L, et al. Plog BA, Nedergaard M. Dupont G, et al. A dural lymphatic vascular system that drains brain interstitial fluid and macromolecules. Engelhardt B, et al. Vascular, glial, and lymphatic immune gateways of the central nervous system. Acta Neuropathol. Effector T cell interactions with meningeal vascular structures in nascent autoimmune CNS lesions.

Localizing central nervous system immune surveillance: Meningeal antigen-presenting cells activate T cells during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Lodygin D, et al. Louveau A, et al. Structural and functional features of central nervous system lymphatic vessels. Carare RO, et al. Solutes, but not cells, drain from the brain parenchyma along basement membranes of capillaries and arteries: significance for cerebral amyloid angiopathy and neuroimmunology.

Afferent and efferent immunological pathways of the brain. Anatomy, function and failure. Weller RO, et al. Transfer of central nervous system autoantigens and presentation in secondary lymphoid organs. From sewer to saviour - targeting the lymphatic system to promote drug exposure and activity. Drug Discov. Hirakawa S, et al.

Identification of vascular lineage-specific genes by transcriptional profiling of isolated blood vascular and lymphatic endothelial cells. Emerging lymphatic imaging technologies for mouse and man. Imaging the lymphatic system. Sabin FR. On the development of the superficial lymphatics in the skin of the pig. On the origin of the lymphatic system from the veins and the development of the lymph hearts and thoracic duct in the pig. Yaniv K, et al. Live imaging of lymphatic development in the zebrafish. Nicenboim J, et al. Lymphatic vessels arise from specialized angioblasts within a venous niche.

Oliver, G. Petrova TV, et al. Lymphatic endothelial reprogramming of vascular endothelial cells by the Prox-1 homeobox transcription factor. Hong YK, et al. Prox1 is a master control gene in the program specifying lymphatic endothelial cell fate. Foubert P, Varner JA. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. Karkkainen MJ, et al.

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Vascular endothelial growth factor C is required for sprouting of the first lymphatic vessels from embryonic veins. Gale NW, et al. Angiopoietin-2 is required for postnatal angiogenesis and lymphatic patterning, and only the latter role is rescued by angiopoietin Lymphangiogenesis and lymphangiodysplasia: From molecular to clinical lymphology.

Qi S, Pan J. Cell-Based Therapy for Therapeutic Lymphangiogenesis. Stem Cells Dev. Fat tissue: an underappreciated source of stem cells for biotechnology. Trends Biotechnol. Sweet DT, et al. Lymph flow regulates collecting lymphatic vessel maturation in vivo. Turley EA. The role of a cell-associated hyaluronan-binding protein in fibroblast behaviour. Ciba Found. Toole BP. Hyaluronan: from extracellular glue to pericellular cue.

Gerecht S, et al. Hyaluronic acid hydrogel for controlled self-renewal and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. Banerji S, et al. Controlled activation of morphogenesis to generate a functional human microvasculature in a synthetic matrix. Part A. Szuba A, Rockson SG. Lymphedema: classification, diagnosis and therapy. Optimizing perioperative lymphatic-venous anastomosis localization using transcutaneous vein illumination, isosulfan blue, and indocyanine green lymphangiography. Surgical management of lymphedema: past, present, and future.

Kanapathy M, et al. Tissue-engineered lymphatic graft for the treatment of lymphedema. Baumeister RGH, et al. Microsurgical Models in Rats for Transplantation Research; Baumeister R, et al. Microsurgical lymphatic vessel transplantation. Cell sources, liver support systems and liver tissue engineering: alternatives to liver transplantation. Stem Cells. Kidney diseases and tissue engineering. Stabler CT, et al.

Revascularization of de-cellularized lung scaffolds: principles and progress. Pfister BJ, et al. Development of transplantable nervous tissue constructs comprised of stretch-grown axons. Risbud MV, Sittinger M. Tissue engineering: Advances in in vitro cartilage generation. Sharma B, Elisseeff JH. Engineering structurally organized cartialge and bond tissues.

Zammaretti P, Jaconi M. Cardiac tissue engineering: regeneration of the wounded heart. Tissue Engineering Part A; Spatial control of cell-mediated degradation to regulate vasculogenesis and angiogenesis in hyaluronan hydrogels. Hanjaya-Putra D, Gerecht S. Cell Stem Cell. Chen X, et al. Rapid homogeneous endothelialization of high aspect ratio microvascular networks. Jeon JS, et al. Human 3D vascularized organotypic microfluidic assays to study breast cancer cell extravasation.

Capturing complex 3D tissue physiology in vitro. Lee E, et al. Breast cancer cells condition lymphatic endothelial cells within pre-metastatic niches to promote metastasis. Crosstalk between cancer cells and blood endothelial and lymphatic endothelial cells in tumour and organ microenvironment. Fankhauser M, et al. Tumor lymphangiogenesis promotes T cell infiltration and potentiates immunotherapy in melanoma. Lund AW, et al. Cell Rep. Chen H. J Clin Invest. Maertens L, et al. Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells drive lymphangiogenesis.

Bailey AS, et al. Transplanted adult hematopoietic stem cells differentiate into functional endothelial cells. Larrivee B, et al. Myeloid lineage progenitors give rise to vascular endothelium. Grant MB, et al. Adult hematopoietic stem cells provide functional hemangioblast activity during retinal neovascularization. Kono T, et al. Differentiation of lymphatic endothelial cells from embryonic stem cells on OP9 stromal cells. Jiang S, et al. Hematopoietic stem cells contribute to lymphatic endothelium.

Ogawa M, et al. Origin of Hematopoietic Progenitors during Embryogenesis. Kusuma S, et al. Self-organized vascular networks from human pluripotent stem cells in a synthetic matrix. Prasain N, et al. Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to cells similar to cord-blood endothelial colony-forming cells. Patsch C, et al. Generation of vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells from human pluripotent stem cells.

Lee S-J, et al. Generation of pure lymphatic endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells and their therapeutic effects on wound repair. Induction of lymphatic endothelial cell differentiation in embryoid bodies. Clonogenic multipotent stem cells in human adipose tissue differentiate into functional smooth muscle cells. Ross R. Atherosclerosis — An Inflammatory Disease. The pathogenesis of atherosclerosis: a perspective for the s.

Ross R, Glomset JA. Atherosclerosis and the arterial smooth muscle cell: Proliferation of smooth muscle is a key event in the genesis of the lesions of atherosclerosis. Zuk PA, et al. Stem Cell Rev. Stem Cell Reports. Rafii S, Lyden D. Therapeutic stem and progenitor cell transplantation for organ vascularization and regeneration. Kalka C, et al. Transplantation of ex vivo expanded endothelial progenitor cells for therapeutic neovascularization.

Asahara T, et al. VEGF contributes to postnatal neovascularization by movilizing bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells. VEGF increases engraftment of bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells EPCs into vasculature of newborn murine recipients. Lymphatic smooth muscle: The motor unit of lymph drainage.

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Characterization of intact mesenteric lymphatic pump and its responsiveness to acute edemagenic stress. Mechanobiological oscillators control lymph flow. Amatschek S, et al. Blood and lymphatic endothelial cell-specific differentiation programs are stringently controlled by the tissue environment. Brief report Induction of lymphatic endothelial cell differentiation in embryoid bodies.

Combining tissue repair and tissue engineering: bioactivating implantable cell-free vascular scaffolds. Zhang L, Xu Q. Park KM, Gerecht S. Harnessing developmental processes for vascular engineering and regeneration. Lymphoid tissue engineering: invoking lymphoid tissue neogenesis in immunotherapy and models of immunity. Knezevic L, et al.

Hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel induces neovascularization and improves cardiac function in a rat model of myocardial infarction. Biomaterials Science; Hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels: from a natural polysaccharide to complex networks. Soft Matter. Prestwich G. Hyaluronic acid-based clinical biomaterials derived for cell and molecule delivery in regenerative medicine. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid hydrogel films: new biomaterials for drug delivery.

Hyaluronic acid stimulates human fibroblast proliferation within a collagen matrix. Kim J, et al. Bone regeneration using hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel with bone morphogenic protein-2 and human mesenchymal stem cells. Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications. Purcell BP, et al. Injectable and bioresponsive hydrogels for on-demand matrix metalloproteinase inhibition. Tammela T, et al. Therapeutic differentiation and maturation of lymphatic vessels after lymph node dissection and transplantation.

Bui HM, et al. Visuri M, et al. Breier G. Enholm B, et al. Adenoviral expression of vascular endothelial growth factor-C induces lymphangiogenesis in the skin. Lymphangiogenic factors, mechanisms, and applications. VEGF-C gene therapy augments postnatal lymphangiogenesis and ameliorates secondary lymphedema. A model for gene therapy of human hereditary lymphedema. Jeltsch M, et al. Overexpression of VEGF-C causes transient lymphatic hyperplasia but not increased lymphangiogenesis in regenerating skin. Nisato RE, et al.

Generation and characterization of telomerase-transfected human lymphatic endothelial cells with an extended life span. Cao Y. Trends Mol. ALK1 signaling regulates early postnatal lymphatic vessel development.

Cell Cycle. Hepatocyte growth factor promotes lymphatic vessel formation and function. Jung Y, et al. Scaffold-free, human mesenchymal stem cell-based tissue engineered blood vessels. Zhang G, et al. EphB4 forward signalling regulates lymphatic valve development. Gibot L, et al. Tissue-engineered 3D human lymphatic microvascular network for in vitro studies of lymphangiogenesis.

Swartz M, Boardman KJ.

The role of interstitial stress in lymphatic function and lymphangiogenesis. A multichamber fluidic device for 3D cultures under interstitial flow with live imaging: Development, characterization, and applications. Interstitial flow differentially stimulates blood and lymphatic endothelial cell morphogenesis in vitro. Characterization of lymphangiogenesis in a model of adult skin regeneration.

Goldman J, et al. Autologous morphogen gradients by subtle interstitial flow and matrix interactions. Boardman K, Swartz M. Interstitial flow as a guide for lymphangiogenesis. Myofibroblasts and mechano-regulation of connective tissue remodelling. Saw A. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for musculoskeletal pathology - a literature review.

Kubo M, et al. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy ameliorates secondary lymphedema by promoting lymphangiogenesis. Serizawa F, et al. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy induces therapeutic lymphangiogenesis in a rat model of secondary lymphedema. Tissue engineered vascular grafts - preclinical aspects.

Kumar VA, et al. Treatment of hind limb ischemia using angiogenic peptide nanofibers. Webber MJ, et al. Supramolecular nanostructures that mimic VEGF as a strategy for ischemic tissue repair. Local induction of lymphangiogenesis with engineered fibrin-binding VEGF-C promotes wound healing by increasing immune cell trafficking and matrix remodeling.

Hadamitzky C, et al. Aligned nanofibrillar collagen scaffolds — Guiding lymphangiogenesis for treatment of acquired lymphedema. Dai T, et al. Reconstruction of lymph vessel by lymphatic endothelial cells combined with polyglycolic acid scaffolds: a pilot study. Giese C, et al. A human lymph node in vitro - challenges and progress. Kuzin I, et al.

Lymphatic Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

Long-term immunologically competent human peripheral lymphoid tissue cultures in a 3D bioreactor. Regulation of lymphatic capillary regeneration by interstitial flow in skin. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy combined with vascular endothelial growth factor-C hydrogel for lymphangiogenesis.

Bianchi R, et al. Transgenic Prox1-Cre-tdTomato reporter mouse for lymphatic vessel research. Nahrendorf M. The healing myocardium sequentially mobilizes two monocyte subsets with divergent and complementary functions. Kataru R. Bell D, Mullins R. Effects of increased venous pressure on albumin- and IgG-excluded volumes in skin. Bendrik C, Dabrosin C. Estradiol increases IL-8 secretion of normal human breast tissue and breast cancer in vivo. Da Mesquita S, et al.

Tlsty T, Coussens L. Tumor stroma and regulation of cancer development. Joyce J, Pollard J. Microenvironmental regulation of metastasis. Lymphatic vasculature: Development, molecular regulation and role in tumor metastasis and inflammation. Trends Immunol.

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Saaristo A, et al. Vascular endothelial growth factor-C accelerates diabetic wound healing. Tissue engineering of skin. Tissue engineering and regeneration of lymphatic structures. Bruyere F, Noel A. Lymphangiogenesis: in vitro and in vivo models. Development and characterization of endothelial cells from rat microlymphatics.

McHale N, Mehard M. Co-ordination of pumping in isolated bovine lymphatic vessels. Kerjaschki D. Lymphatic neoangiogenesis in human kidney transplants is associated with immunologically active lymphocytic infiltrates. Journals Am. Crucial role of corneal lymphangiogenesis for allograft rejection in alkali-burned cornea bed. Stuht S. Lymphatic neoangiogenesis in human renal allografts: results from sequential protocol biopsies. Mesenchymal Cells of the Intestinal Lamina Propria. Download references. LA reviewed the lymphatic regeneration and drafted the manuscript.

AW reviewed the lymphatic development and drafted the manuscript. DHP outlined and edited the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Correspondence to Donny Hanjaya-Putra. This Article doi: Article Category Lymphocyte Development. Services Alert me when this article is cited Alert me if a correction is posted Similar articles in this series Similar articles in Web of Science Similar articles in PubMed Download to citation manager. Search for related content. Latest Complete Volume , Interviews with Speakers - Video.